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Monday, December 20, 2010

Review: Aveda Botanical Skin Resurfacing Facial

On Saturday, I experienced Aveda's Botanical Skin Resurfacing Facial for the first time with average results.

Aveda's website describes the Botanical Skin Resurfacing facial as, "Aveda's innovative alternative to microdermabrasion. Our hands-on approach—and the power of tourmaline—smooths skin texture, reduces the appearance of fine lines, and diminishes pore size while significantly increasing radiance. Giving you glowing results comparable to salon microdermabrasion—but with less irritation and inflammation."

I was very excited to experience this facial because I have dry skin, especially this winter and I can always use some heavy-duty exfoliation.  Additionally, I haven't had a facial in 2 years so I was looking forward to the pampering experience. 

Aveda facials begin with you selecting your desired aromatherapy scent from Aveda's line of scented oils.  I chose lavendar since that's my favorite scent and it's known for its relaxing properties (and that's what I want when I'm having a facial).  There were at least 6 other scents, including vanilla and a cinnamon spice.  Your selected scented oil gets mixed into the products used during the facial so that you receive a customized sensory experience.  I actually enjoyed this aspect more than I expected.  It was really nice to know that I would enjoy the scent of all products used during my facial.

As with a normal facial, my face was cleansed and then toned.  Then the tourmaline product was applied to my face in small areas and worked into my skin using only finger tips.  No steam machine and no electronic devices are used in Aveda's facial.  Everything is done by hand and this made me a little wary that my results would not be as effective.  The tourmaline product is a thicker exfoliating scrub with the exfoliating "beads" being coarsely group tourmaline.  It was clearly rough enough to slough my dead skin cells, but not so rough as to be abrasive or rough during the exfoliation process.

Finally, some sort of cooling mask was applied with a really soft brush.  This was wonderful.  As the mask set, I received a hand massage using Aveda's hand relief moisturizer and then a neck and shoulder massage.  Very relaxing.  What really surprised me was there was no manually extraction done in this facial.  However, the process did remove some build up from my skin and certainly left my skin radiant and smooth.

I would give this facial 3.0 out of a possible 5.  I enjoyed the experience and it was extremely relaxing and pampering.  I appreciated that the products were natural and my skin was not pink or blotchy when I was finished.  However, I was hoping for more intense moisturizing and better extraction of anything clogging my pores.  I think this facial would be excellent for someone who does not deeply exfoliate on a regular basis.  But as I use Kate Somerville's Exfolikate 2 times per week, I already have well polished, fresh skin.

For my next visit, I am going to do the basic Elemental Facial with an additional peel.  I'll post my review of that in early February.

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